Closure: Beyond the SHIELD, Episode 65

With Adam on a classified mission this week, Mitra is joined by intrepid fellow agents Jason and Darien to discuss this week’s episode of Agents of SHIELD, Closure.  MitJasDarien discuss compelling questions about the role of white male rage in driving the plot, emergent and diverse new leadership at SHIELD, and swan-diving into portals.

While basting a turkey*.

It was fine. Everything is fine.

Sugar High Minneapolis (Jason) – CUPCAKES AF!
Rhymesayers Entertainment (Darien) – shout-out to the fam, & sending love to Keith Buckley and the family (from Every Time I Die).
Deadly Class, Vol. 1 – Reagan Youth (Mitra) – Revenge is our destiny.

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Miscellaneous Whatnots
Mitra said HYDRA “time-travels” like, 3-6 times. She meant space-travels. We know you knew that, but still.
Jason connected real world events to the fictional present, keeping us tethered to reality (barely).
*Darien has now basted a turkey in space.